Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Hello everyone. I am getting lots of emails to older various email accounts for pre orders on the guitar pick punch. Thank you everyone for your interest! Please direct all email requests for retail and wholesale to vonluhmann@yahoo.com. Be sure to put Pick Punch in the subject line. I will update everyone as soon as I have the first punch in my hands.

Don't wait for the Holidays to happen. Plan and Make them happen!

Your friends at Pick Punch

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Still on schedule.

Things are progressing with the factory for the first punch to be tested. We are still expecting to see the first punch roll of the assembly line around the first of the year. Some fine tuning will more than likely be necessary and that should put the first production run around late February to March. Hopefully if everything goes as planned I will have the first shipment in mid March 2009.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Pick Punch to hit market in Spring 2009!

The Pick Punch SHOULD hit the market in Spring or summer 2009! Depending on how quickly the final tooling, approval process, manufacturing, shipping, and customs takes I estimate that the first run of picks will hit the market sometime late spring to summer of 2009. If you are interested in buying one email me and I will place you on my first round list. If you really want one next year I would strongly suggest getting on the list because there will be a limited qty manufactured the first year. Email me at vonluhmann@yahoo.com and type Pick Punch purchase in the subject line. All retailers and distributors please email me at vonluhmann@yahoo.com and type in Pick Punch wholesale inquiry. The Pick Punch will be available for retail sale at pickpunch.com. A list of retailers carrying the punch will be available later. I expect the punch will retail around $20 but the final price will depend on the actual prototype that I choose and the qty I order but I feel $20 is close. The following picture shows generally what my manufacturer feels it will look like but this will change. I expect the next prototype around the first of the year or sooner and will update with a picture when I get it. The punch will be a different color than that shown below.

Pick Punch Patent finally approved!

I finally had my patent submitted and now finally approved by the patent office in 2005!

Patent # 6,930,231

I made my first prototype in 2002 and here is a picture of it. Thank you very much to my attorneys at Woodard, Emhardt, Moriarty, McNett & Henry . It took a while but it was worth it! You would think it is easy to make a punch to do this but it is not. Punching picks from 1mm plastic takes quite a bit of force. The final design will probably depress instead of shear to make it easier. Although crude, the tool works very well! Next step, tooling the final design!

Although not yet the perfect pick shape shown below, I punched out some and they work excellent. The final product will be the usual pick shape with more rounded sides. Anyway, it was very satisfying to destroy the cards! Gift cards, photo id cards, and misc. plastic materials all work very well. My favorite picks are the ones with the hollograms. The raised lettering on the credit cards are in the perfect location to reduce slip while playing. These make a nice memory of those paid off credit credit cards. I think even if you don't play guitar that this would be a nice item to have around just to destroy the cards and you could give the picks to someone that does play. I play quite a bit of guitar and these really do work well and they do wear a little bit quicker than the store bought picks they are very durable. I have quite a few friends that asked me to make picks for them just to destroy the old cards because there really is not any good uses for old credit cards. Most people just shred them or cut them up. Now there is finally something useful for those old cards!

I will probably still buy a few store bought picks now and then but with this tool you are basically getting a lifetime supply of picks for you and all your friends!