Thursday, November 5, 2009

Recent materials we have added to our website

The following pictures show materials that we sell on our website. Nylon picks produce a great mellow warm sound good for easy strumming or softer picking styles. Acetal is a more versatile material with a brighter sound and will work great with both strumming and picking styles. Polycarbonate material has a very bright tone and is stiffer for very fast picking styles. All these materials can be used for pretty much all styles of playing such as polycarbonate can be used for strumming but you have to vary your technique slightly and nylon can be used for picking styles but the softer material produces a little bit less precision when alternate picking scales and stuff. So keep that in mind that you can pretty much use any material for any style of picking to a certain level of satisfaction. They all have their advantages and disadvantages with different levels of (tone, flexibility, precision, and durability)

natural color nylon sheeting from Pick Punch
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natural color acetal sheeting from Pick Punch
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black nylon sheeting from Pick Punch
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black acetal sheeting from Pick Punch
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