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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Recent materials we have added to our website

The following pictures show materials that we sell on our website. Nylon picks produce a great mellow warm sound good for easy strumming or softer picking styles. Acetal is a more versatile material with a brighter sound and will work great with both strumming and picking styles. Polycarbonate material has a very bright tone and is stiffer for very fast picking styles. All these materials can be used for pretty much all styles of playing such as polycarbonate can be used for strumming but you have to vary your technique slightly and nylon can be used for picking styles but the softer material produces a little bit less precision when alternate picking scales and stuff. So keep that in mind that you can pretty much use any material for any style of picking to a certain level of satisfaction. They all have their advantages and disadvantages with different levels of (tone, flexibility, precision, and durability)

natural color nylon sheeting from Pick Punch
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natural color acetal sheeting from Pick Punch
acetal sheeting,natural,guitar picks,pick punch,pick,punch,puncher,diy,make your own,homemade,,

black nylon sheeting from Pick Punch
black nylon,sheeting,sheet,pickpunch,pick punch,diy,guitar picks,plectrums,

black acetal sheeting from Pick Punch
pick punch,make your own guitar picks,acetal sheeting,pickpunch,guitar picks,homemade,diy,black,acetal,sheet,for sale

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Custom made stamps tested

Next three pictures show what kind of results you can get with custom made stamps printed using StazOn inks. I paid $4.50 for each of the stamps we used and shipping was free. For our first attempt at this I belive it worked out very well. I would suggest that you look closely at these examples so when you have your own stamps made you will make better choices as far as the image. I think simple logos and designs work better. Stay away from straight horizontal and vertical lines so improperly placed images will not appear crooked. The images stay very well even when played. I belive they stick better than most of the store bought picks I have purchases.

custom stamps,guitar picks,pick punch,pickpunch,diy,homemade,make your own,printed,custom

custom,stamped,picks,guitar,make your own,pickpunch,pick,custom printed

pick punch,make your own,make your own,diy,custom stamps,homemade,guitar pick

Thursday, October 15, 2009

More Picks We have made Recently

See our how to section on our website at for more information on these.

Pick Punch,waterslide,water slide,water-slide,tattoos,tattoo,,,pickpunch,make your own
pick punch,papilio,paper,guitar picks,make your own,make your own,pickpunch,make
Hand,stamp,make your own,guitar pick,do it yourself,rubber stamp,pick punch
pick punch,hand stamp,guitar picks,pick,plectrum

Saturday, October 3, 2009

A collection of pictures from Pick Punch

A video we just published on Youtube.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

More guitar picks from Pick Punch

See a complete description of these in our HOW TO section on our website.

3D,guitar pick,pick punch,make your own,do it yourself,plectrums
3D,guitar pick,pick punch,guitar,do it yourself,make your own,,,pickpunch
make your own guitar picks,pick punch,guitar picks,plectrums,homemade,gel picks,do it yourself
pick punch,make your own,homemade,fender,celluloid,gel,picks,plectrums
stamped guitar picks,pick punch,stamps,stamped,,pickpunch,make your own

Monday, September 28, 2009

Pick Punch and StazOn stamp printing

StazOn stamp printed pick punch guitar picks,pick punch,stazon,printeprinted,printed
Here are some stamped picks I made. I have played with these and show no wear after a few days playing. The one pick on the right was not stampled completely due to the rounded edges on the 2.0mm thick pick. I used StazOn stamping ink designed for plastics and a regular stamp. I really like these picks. The only surface prep I did was a quick light sanding with super fine sandpaper just in case but not sure if it is even necessary with this ink.

I added a second color to one of the picks and it worked out nicely. I guess I could have spent a little more time on this looking close up at it..LOL
pick punch,stamped guitar picks,do it yourself,homemade,guitar,guitar picks

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Ed Hardy Tattoos and Pick Punch Get Together

Here are some Ed Hardy picks we made. Christian Audigier makes some really cool stuff. These images are embedded inside the guitar pick. We made these from skin tattoos. There are so many examples of tattoos out there and the temporary tattoo market seems to always stay on the latest trends with graphics.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

short backorder delay possible

Hello everyone,
Both our normal website and our ebay may experience a backorder situation soon. Our shipment is arriving here in Indianapolis on October 6th. If you order near the end of this month there might be a week or so before we can ship it out to you. Sorry for the growing pains.
Owner Pick Punch

Our Pick Punch Thick Picks

Here is our solution to the new trend of fat guitar picks (like v-picks and gypsyjazz picks): It is 4.8mm thick and although it took a while to sand, it was well worth the effort. I love this thing. It was made from 6x0.80mm (1/32")picks. The thinner pick in the picture is a fender medium.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Check these out!

Here are some picks that I made. These are probably my favorite of all my picks including all my store purchased ones. I have pretty much every pick ever made now.

ZOOM IN AND CHECK THESE OUT! Note that the comic is INSIDE and not on the surface. My son drew the skull one on a piece of paper and the rest came from the paper comics. Check out our website HOW-TO section for more information. There is a link on the page or go to

Here is the back of the picks:

CLICK TO ZOOM (note that the image is INSIDE the pick and not on surface)

More picks we made

click to zoom

click to zoom

click to zoom

click to zoom

HERE IS MY FIRST ATTEMPT AT SOME AIRBRUSHING AND SPRAY PAINT: I know these look pretty crappy but the logistics are there. The paint I am using is ACRYL from pactra primer similar to the stuff they prime die-cast cars. I bought a $19.95 Testors kit at a hobby shop with compressed can air. It works pretty well and came with 6 colors of acrylic paint. The paints that it came with also worked well as far as durability. I also used to Krylon Fusion for plastics in a spray can and it sticks very well. I used some small templates both store bought and some quickly cut out ones from an exacto knife. I lightly sanded these just in case but not sure if it is necessary either. I have yet to test some of the other emulsions that were suggested by someone because this stuff worked good enough where I didn't think it was necessary. I will replace this picture later when I have more time and get some advice. This was my first time ever using an airbrush as you can tell in the image. I AM GOING TO HIT THE AIRBRUSHING FORUMS AND SEE IF THEY CAN HELP ME KICK THIS UP A FEW NOTHCES FOR US NOVICES. I admit they look pretty sad.
homemade guitar picks from pick punch,spray painting,airbrushing

Monday, September 14, 2009

I made some more comic picks.

Here are some picks that I made. These are probably my favorite of all my picks including all my store purchased ones. I have pretty much every pick ever made now.

ZOOM IN AND CHECK THESE OUT! Note that the comic is INSIDE and not on the surface. My son drew the skull one on a piece of paper and the rest came from the paper comics. Check out our website HOW-TO section for more information. There is a link on the page or go to

Here is the back of the picks:

CLICK TO ZOOM (note that the image is INSIDE the pick and not on surface)

Two 1/32" polycarbonates, 1 toon, and some superglue


Here are two excellent examples of homemade picks. This was made from two 1/32" (0.8mm) polycarbonate picks punched from sheet, the funnies, some super glue and a few different types of sand paper.

Another video for everyone.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Things are going well

Welcome to the world of guitar pick making! We have been shipping orders all over the world and our inventory has increased now where we have no waiting for orders. We are accepting new retailers currently. We will update our website soon with a list of retailers and distributors.
Thank you everyone for your support!
Von Luhmann
Owner, Pick Punch

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Monday, June 1, 2009


Here are a few of you that I did not notice until now. You are on the list to get one also...sorry I forgot to email all you guys on the blog comments section here below! You can also pre-order if you like without double ordering. We are suggesting to everyone that they pre-order if they can even if emailed already just to speed up your order when they do come in.


Again all of the rest of you on the big list if you have a confirmation email already you are good to go also but please pre-order if you can to help speed up your transaction.


Pre orders will be available tonight.

We have had numerous requests for pre-order options for the punch so we will be turning on the website tonight for pre-purchases. It will be about 2 months before they arrive but you can be assured you will get one this year if you pre-order. If you have an email from us before 12:45am Eastern Standard time June 2nd 2009 then you will be guaranteed a punch regardless if you pre-order. If you have emailed us and you pre-order you will not be ordering two but we will still remind you the punches are on their way from the factory as explained in the email. We still suggest that you pre-order to speed up the transaction when they arrive.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Sample Punches are being shipped! FINALLY

Our samples are finally being shipped. So we will have new pictures and videos soon.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Pick Punch

All of those that are interested in purchasing a punch from the first production run this summer please email us with the subject "Pick Punch". We will send out a reminder and reserve punches for you to purchase. We are expecting to sell out this first production run fairly quickly.

All wholesale/distributor inquiries please send complete name, title, company, contact information, and a quick description of how you intend to resale the punches..... via email with subject "Pick Punch wholesale/distributor"

We ask that you send all emails to

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Guitar Picks

Guitar Picks are made from many materials. Check out and search guitar picks.

This is roughly what our website will look like after we receive our punches

This is roughly what our website will look like at first when we switch over from blog to online store. Pictures and items will change obviously. For this particular website, we are just going to start off with a simple design and we will expand it as our item list increases. We will probably have just the punch and a few other items available at first. We will also be selling items on ebay.

Online Store Complete and Ready


We have completed editing our online store. As soon as we get our punches in.....our website will be turned on and you will be able to access our blog through the store.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


The picture is a CAD generated picture of the punch and roughly what it will look like. I just posted it for the first time here and on my facebook account this week.
So this is the official unveiling of what it will look like I guess or something like that. We have actual pictures of the punch but without surface treatments and/or logos etc they will be published soon.

I know it is taking forever it seems to get these things made but I am doing everything possible to get the factory in line. They are sending me 6 samples for us to test out and approve. After we approve them then they will start making bigger runs at the factory for sale so it will be a few weeks minimum after I give the OK before they arrive. I need a few of the sample punches for testing and I have one that will need to be used for product testing by an online guitar magazine but I will probably put at least a couple on EBAY auction or something if anyone is interested in getting one before the first production run comes in. I tried to get a couple hundred samples made but they were concerned that I may have to make some corrections to them so they want to limit the sample size. I definitely do not want to be stuck with hundreds of problem punches if you know what I mean.....I humbly appologize for not having more to sell right off but the factory is sort of set in their ways.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Should have good news this month!

Hopefully we will have good news next week regarding the factory. We are expecting to have things ready this month.

Thursday, February 26, 2009


You don't just simply throw a bunch of chemicals into a big bowl and make this stuff.
It takes years of experience and trade secrets to make it. Thank the Italians for this great stuff.....try to figure out how they make this stuff. They make big blocks of this 3D material and then slice it for me for guitar picks. This stuff isn't printed it is a solid 3 dimensional material.



Make guitar picks from just about anything including credit cards, photo id cards, gift cards, misc plastic, celluloid, delrin, vinyl, etc,etc,etc...When our punches come in around March-April of 2009 this website will be converted over for sales of punches, stock guitar pick materials like celluloid, delrin, vinyl, etc. We will be eventually selling different levels of pick making from the novice for around $ more demanding qtys for bands, promotions, non-profits, etc.
We are starting with just punches and pick materials but..... If you buy from mass produced companies like Fender or the other companies that make non-custom celluloids (which I consider to be the best picks out there) then why buy a logo seriously just make your own. I will sell the celluloid sheets (and you can make enough for everyone you know and still be able to make backups from oddball plastics and cards). Just so you know there are hundreds of types of celluloid out there that guitar pick manufacturers don't carry...I will have stuff you have never seen before and nobody else will have anywhere and they are simply amazingly beautiful! See below for more on celluloid}

This is what we plan to sell eventually....
Pick Punches (single handheld)
Pick Punch presses
More Pick and Luthier materials like celluloid, delrin, vinyl, etc.
Small edge finishing techniques for small qtys like just simply lightly sanding the edges with fine sandpaper and for larger qtys we will have Tumblers.
Printing methods such as hot foil for small qtys like hot foil pens and simple templates (or make your own from craft supply templates with foil pens, pen templates, etcand larger qtys methods like hot foil presses with custom plates, flat-bed printers, and pad printing.
We will be a one stop shop for guitar pick making and we will start at the entry level and move up...

Here at Pick Punch we think that guitar pick making as a craft is fun, inexpensive and easy to do and you can't tell the difference between these and many custom printed or mass produced picks with some finishing of the edges.

There is a time and a place for buying mass produced picks and custom printed picks because they do and have offered great services for years......

but from one sheet of beautiful celluloid you can make literally 1000s of perfectly shaped picks. The logo if you want one is tricky but we have devised several methods that you can print super cheap your own with awesome, repeatable, durable results. Come back and check with us here soon as our products become available and as we grow this website.

*Celluloid (although flammable under certain conditions) is considered to be the KING of plastics due to the complicated methods that are required to make it. The process of making celluloid is a very VERY difficult and complicated art. This stuff if simply beautiful. They use it to finish off many expensive musical instruments like accordians and guitars. Simply put celluloid is more expensive than just about any material you can put on something that is one reason why it is used for small things like picks (the other reason is that celluloid can't be beat for guitar playing it is stiff, beautiful, and durable, expensive, and the most widely used guitar pick material in the world.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Try out The Guitar Wall

I really enjoy visiting this website. This website packs quite a punch! The Guitar Wall is a unique visual resource and marketing vehicle that was launched in May, 2007.
The Guitar Wall is efficient and engaging... and, it's organic and ongoing. Visit often to watch it grow. Discover services, products, companies and craftsmen you might not have found any other way... and, with much less effort. There's nothing else like it in the business.

The Pick Punch will happily live on the "Accessories" wall

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Punch tested at factory and as expected everything went great!

Hi everyone. Things are moving fast at the factory and we have the final design tested. The picture above shows the punched guitar pick shape that most people are familiar with (similar to the #351). The shape needs to be tweeked just a bit before I will be completely satisfied. Pictures of the actual tool will be posted on here soon within the next couple weeks or less as soon as the finishing touches are completed. It won't be long before they are available.
The Staff @ Pick Punch

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Try out

Everyone if you enjoy music then you need to try out one of the best if not THE best website devoted to music. There really are quite a few nice people in here that really enjoy music. They have forums, videos, information of all kinds can be obtained here. If I ever find a better site than this about guitar I will let you know. If you know of one email me and I will check it out and post it here. Take care everyone.
Von @

Monday, January 19, 2009

Pick Punch

It was worth $20+ bucks to me when I turned my wife's department store credit card into a holgram guitar pick and played The Credit Card Song by Old Man Pie on my Gretsch.

We plan to package the punch with samples of celluloid and/or delrin eventually if all works out. Thats not counting the free ones you can make from endless free sources around the house hopefully FOREVER (some of which have surprisingly good tone and durability that you can't get in the store). Plus you can make them for your friends for a long time from free materials and if you must use celluloid/delrin sheets we will have more of if you need them.

Keep in mind that a 1" x 1" square of plastic for guitar picks does not cost ANYTHING close to 30cents to near $1 trust me even the most expensive materials are not close. These guys have great products don't get me wrong here but it takes alot of picks to pay for a place to make guitar picks (they have to think about everything from toilet paper to CEO bonuses)

I have picks that I love also that come from the store but I don't like to be limited to what the stores have to offer plus it just isn't as fun. We plan to offer cheap methods of customizing the picks down the road also and I am sure you know those cost more than $10/2doz especially in small qtys so our plan is for the user to be able to make very small qtys of custom picks for themselves and their friends. Hopefully that will work out as planned. Plus don't discount the ability to actually make money off of this punch.

I have to think $25 bucks is cheap compared to my $2000.00 martin and the other $5500.00 in other crap that never paid for themselves. Of all the other guitar related accessories (I think my little punch is probably the smartest thing I own relating to guitar) Pick manufacturers only cover a small portion of possibilities in guitar pick materials and they can not afford to make production runs with every material that guitar players need and that is where the punch comes in handy.

Plus it is worth 25 bucks to me to finally have a use for credit card offers instead of shredding them. If you want to recycle instead of contributing to the Middle East's wealth where alot of the plastic materials come from then you might enjoy recycling stuff and making free picks if that is your thing.

There is the fun/gimmick factor with this thing too that is worth more than $25 to me. I have already sold these to people that don't even play guitar. I guess they are using it just to recycle stuff and give away. We are getting a huge response with this punch and feel this thing is a great addition to any person that plays a stringed instrument.

Take care everyone,

here is the link for the Credit Card Song

THE "MAD TV'S CREDIT CARD SONG" WITH THE PICKS --->which you can listen to on youtube here.

I may just have to use one of those as my theme song on my website...
William Von Luhmann

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Pick Punch Added to Wiki

Someone added Pick Punch to Wikipedia under GUITAR PICK.

Here is a "Thank you" to the person that added it for us!

Friday, January 2, 2009

Spreading the News Pick Punch

Pick Punch prototype in action

The video shown below shows one of the first prototypes built in 2005. The punch was crude but it worked great. The new punch being manufactured currently looks similar and is about the same size as a stapler. I will be posting pictures of the punch as soon as all tooling changes have been completed. Thank you everyone again for your interest. Remember the actual punch coming out will punch the more typical rounded shaped picks. Other pick shapes will be available later.
Everyone at Pick Punch