Monday, January 19, 2009

Pick Punch

It was worth $20+ bucks to me when I turned my wife's department store credit card into a holgram guitar pick and played The Credit Card Song by Old Man Pie on my Gretsch.

We plan to package the punch with samples of celluloid and/or delrin eventually if all works out. Thats not counting the free ones you can make from endless free sources around the house hopefully FOREVER (some of which have surprisingly good tone and durability that you can't get in the store). Plus you can make them for your friends for a long time from free materials and if you must use celluloid/delrin sheets we will have more of if you need them.

Keep in mind that a 1" x 1" square of plastic for guitar picks does not cost ANYTHING close to 30cents to near $1 trust me even the most expensive materials are not close. These guys have great products don't get me wrong here but it takes alot of picks to pay for a place to make guitar picks (they have to think about everything from toilet paper to CEO bonuses)

I have picks that I love also that come from the store but I don't like to be limited to what the stores have to offer plus it just isn't as fun. We plan to offer cheap methods of customizing the picks down the road also and I am sure you know those cost more than $10/2doz especially in small qtys so our plan is for the user to be able to make very small qtys of custom picks for themselves and their friends. Hopefully that will work out as planned. Plus don't discount the ability to actually make money off of this punch.

I have to think $25 bucks is cheap compared to my $2000.00 martin and the other $5500.00 in other crap that never paid for themselves. Of all the other guitar related accessories (I think my little punch is probably the smartest thing I own relating to guitar) Pick manufacturers only cover a small portion of possibilities in guitar pick materials and they can not afford to make production runs with every material that guitar players need and that is where the punch comes in handy.

Plus it is worth 25 bucks to me to finally have a use for credit card offers instead of shredding them. If you want to recycle instead of contributing to the Middle East's wealth where alot of the plastic materials come from then you might enjoy recycling stuff and making free picks if that is your thing.

There is the fun/gimmick factor with this thing too that is worth more than $25 to me. I have already sold these to people that don't even play guitar. I guess they are using it just to recycle stuff and give away. We are getting a huge response with this punch and feel this thing is a great addition to any person that plays a stringed instrument.

Take care everyone,

here is the link for the Credit Card Song

THE "MAD TV'S CREDIT CARD SONG" WITH THE PICKS --->which you can listen to on youtube here.

I may just have to use one of those as my theme song on my website...
William Von Luhmann


INFUSEDgoods said...

Hi, I just e-mailed you but I was reading more of your blog and here you said, "I have already sold these to people that don't even play guitar. I guess they are using it just to recycle stuff and give away."

So are you selling them already? I'd like to get one. Let me know. Here is my blog

nick said...

If these are up for sale, I'm going to buy one. Can you please send me a link if they are ( or tell me around what time they will be? Thanks very much in advance.

- Nick

Pick Punch said...

nick and infused I have you guys in the can pre-order also if you want to.