Tuesday, April 21, 2009


The picture is a CAD generated picture of the punch and roughly what it will look like. I just posted it for the first time here and on my facebook account this week.
So this is the official unveiling of what it will look like I guess or something like that. We have actual pictures of the punch but without surface treatments and/or logos etc they will be published soon.

I know it is taking forever it seems to get these things made but I am doing everything possible to get the factory in line. They are sending me 6 samples for us to test out and approve. After we approve them then they will start making bigger runs at the factory for sale so it will be a few weeks minimum after I give the OK before they arrive. I need a few of the sample punches for testing and I have one that will need to be used for product testing by an online guitar magazine but I will probably put at least a couple on EBAY auction or something if anyone is interested in getting one before the first production run comes in. I tried to get a couple hundred samples made but they were concerned that I may have to make some corrections to them so they want to limit the sample size. I definitely do not want to be stuck with hundreds of problem punches if you know what I mean.....I humbly appologize for not having more to sell right off but the factory is sort of set in their ways.


Erika said...

Hey! I LOVE this idea! It would also be a great promotional tool for start-up and established bands who want to give out something a bit more unique than the standard business card! Maybe you could also make custom stamps for bands so that they could put their Pics on your Punched Picks, no pun intended ; ) Let me know when you get these on the market, I want one!


INFUSEDgoods said...

cool thanks for the update!

Sarah said...

man I have waited so long for this thing- just hit me up when you got it- I know I put my name on the list for the first shipment...would love to see if I am still on it...thanks!

Banjo said...

I want to reserve a PickPunch and order one as soon as it comes in. Please email me at banjo311@aol.com.