Thursday, March 3, 2011

New Ultem materials will be here soon

Hello everyone. Even though ultem plastic is probably one of the most expensive plastics ever invented it is great for little guitar picks. The stuff is super strong, resists scratches like no other, and is not affected by extreme temperatures. Many companies make picks from this stuff because it doesn't wear.

We will have this material around April 1st of 2011 on our site. It will be a bit expensive but worth it.

Here is a picture of our new Ultem materials to be online soon. The left pick is a sanded sheet of .55mm ultem. The middle is one of our popular cartoon embedded picks right at 1.10mm thick and the right is an unfinished rough punched ultem pick before sanding.

Ultem guitar picks pick punch

1 comment:

Rob said...

When are you going to have Ultem back? I can't seem to find sheets as thin as .5mm anywhere else. Please post when you do have it in stock again!!
Thanks, Rob B