Friday, November 9, 2012

Hi everyone! Quite a bit has happened since my last post. We currently have three Pick Punch shapes in stock and two more coming mid December 2012. Currently I have the Standard 351, the Jazz shape, and a small version of the 346 rounded triangle called the "baby 346". In December I will also have the large "Dorito Chip 355", and rounded 346 in regular size. These punches are quite a bit larger than the original Pick Punch. This was necessary due to the large size of the 355 and 346 picks. Below is a picture of the different shapes. The names above the picks are the common names used in the industry.
We have also expanded into stamping supplies like stazon inks and other stamping products. Recently we added a line of guitar pick cases, ornaments, stands, etc to display or store your guitar pick collection. New guitar pick sheeting has been added and we now carry acetal delrin in .50, .65, .80, and 1.00mm. Two thicknesses of clear polycarbonate are available and also Ultem has been added. Below is a picture of some of the special inks we sell specially made for plastic stamping.
Below is some of the new 1.00mm blue acetal we now carry.
Below is a display case for a guitar pick. We now carry all kinds of displays, albums, cases, and ornaments for putting your guitar picks in after you make them.
We have also added two Pick Punch kits to the Pick Punch store that will make it much easier to proceed to Checkout. Below is the "Pick Punch Kit" which has one punch and a good sampling of everything we carry for making guitar picks.
Below is the "Pick Punch Kit Everything but the kitchen sink" which has three different punches and a much larger sampling of everything we carry for making guitar picks.

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