Friday, May 8, 2009

Sample Punches are being shipped! FINALLY

Our samples are finally being shipped. So we will have new pictures and videos soon.


test said...

Hey guys, I love your idea. I would like to purchase a pick punch when they are avaiable. How about the 1st run?How do I email you with pick punch in subject? My email is Please pull this post down when you see it and email me your contact info. I will look further on line I am sure your info is out there.
Joe Sprott

Banjo said...

I love the idea, too. I am waiting anxiously for the pick punch to arrive so I can buy one.

My email address is Please email me when you have some ready to sell.

Banjo Moore

Banjo said...

I am waiting anxiously to get one of these pick punches, so please email me at when you have them available to sell.

Thank you,
Lorena (Banjo) Moore

Jared said...

gimme gimme gimme gimme! email me at i'd like to purchase one please. this is the most brilliant creation of the 21st century. well, maybe the iphone... BUT AFTER THAT, definitely the best!