Monday, May 18, 2009

VIDEO New Pick Punch samples tested here VIDEO


LaVonne said...

Please let me know when and where I can purchase
a pick punch.



Anonymous said...

I really want to get one of these for my buddy. One thing I could suggest is finding a way to make it collapsible so you can throw it in a Gig bag easily. You have a great product here. When you start selling these please let me know.


Anonymous said...

Maybe just a way to lock it in the compressed position. BTW, I don't mean to sound like I'm degrading your invention, just trying to help a fellow thinker.


James said...

Hi there, will these be available to purchase from your site any time soon? Please respond with updates!

Kyle said...

I am eager to get one and use it on my old licenses

michelle said...

Hey! I'd love to buy this! Great idea and keep the updates coming!


liamistheone said...

Hey this looks great!
I would love to get my hands on one of these and am kicking myself i didn't think of it and pattent it first!!!
gimme a holler when its available for online purchase at
cheers, Liam

Amy G said...

Would love to get a couple of these! Great idea! Please let me know when they are available.


Hollyrocks said...

I HAVE to have one of these! I make guitar pick earrings, but lots of people do that. If I was able to make my own picks out of recycled materials, my work would definitely stand out among the crowd. I think I'll jump on the "let me know when I can buy one" bandwagon. You can contact me at or

Keep up the great work, you'll be rich and famous someday!

Clifton said...

Thanks to this genius idea, now all I can think about is what I want to turn into guitar picks!

Let me know when/where/how I can buy this as soon as it comes out!
I neeeeed one, brilliant idea.

Pick Punch said...

this site will be converted over for sales soon but you can also email with subject line PICK PUNCH and get an email sent to you when it is available.

Pick Punch said...

We have had numerous requests for pre-order options for the punch so we will be turning on the website tonight for pre-purchases. It will be about 2 months before they arrive but you can be assured you will get one this year if you pre-order. If you have an email from us before 12:45am Eastern Standard time June 2nd 2009 then you will be guaranteed a punch regardless if you pre-order. If you have emailed us and you pre-order you will not be ordering two but we will still remind you the punches are on their way from the factory as explained in the email. We still suggest that you pre-order to speed up the transaction when they arrive.