Friday, December 17, 2010

Pick Punches in Stock and ready for immediate shipping

Hi everyone we have our punches in stock now and can process your order usually in about a day now because we finally caught up! It took a week of 20 hour days here but finally we are there.

We ship USPS priority mail and it only takes 2-3 days to get anywhere in the USA. International orders are quick as well to get to other countries but your customs may slow down the order significantly in some cases. Please keep this in mind if you are shipping to some place outside of the USA.

Take care everyone and Happy Holidays!!


skitney1 said...

Sitting in Sydney Australia, 12 days on and still waiting for my pick punch...

I can't wait for it to arrive :)

skitney1 said...

It's now 12:30pm and I am sitting here at work with my brand new AWESOME Pick Punch!

12 days International delivery during the Christmas period... now that is what you call service! :)

Thanks Von

Anonymous said...

Thanks Von so much for the Pick Punch. It was the best gift any of my husbands friends had seen all Christmas. He was showing it off to everyone and they were getting jealous. Can't wait for the sheets to be ready cuz Im running out of old gift cards and now my hubby is stamping paper just to play with it. Good luck with the biz, and congrats on a genius product!

Lil said...

When will you be getting the celluloid in? I want to order a punch but want to order together.