Monday, December 6, 2010


Hello everyone. Just updating you so you know when to expect your punch to be shipped. If your order said December 11th on it then the punch should be shipped that date. If it stated 13th then it should ship that date. If it stated the 16th then it should ship around that date. I hope this is clear. We are having to change the item title and description due to the time it will take us to catch up to your order. The sooner you order the sooner we can get it out etc.
Thanks everyone.


Roxanne Bello, said...

great. Can't wait to get mine. (btw you should get a new banner, that one makes you look shady.)

Anonymous said...

I got mine a couple days ago, it's all wrapped and under the tree for my honey, He's going to love it! ...But of course I had to try it out first on some obnoxious credit card offers, used gift cards, an old hotel "key", and a platic container lid- all worked great. What an awesome product. I find myself wandering around, eyeing every flat-plastic object thinking "Can I...?"